Staff Sgt. Antoine raises his head as a flight surgeon inspects his neck and face during a 2018 shaving waiver course at Beale Air Force Base in California.
Colville McFee / U.S. Air Force

A Skin Condition Makes It Hard For Some Black Men To Shave ... And Get Ahead In The Military

Some Air Force members say they're facing discrimination because it's hard for them to shave their faces daily. Many have a skin condition that's especially common among Black men.

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Cars line up at a March food distribution event at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio.
Carson Frame / American Homefront

A new report says military families are relying more on food banks and other emergency aid, partly because military spouses lost their jobs or had their hours cut during the pandemic.

Military and civilian officials attend a ceremonial groundbreaking at Camp Lejeune, N.C. for a major reconstruction effort that will make the base more resilient to the effects of climate change.
Jay Price / American Homefront

Hurricanes caused catastrophic damage to East Coast military bases in 2018. Now, as it starts to rebuild, the Pentagon wants to make bases less vulnerable to future storms.

The Department of Veterans Affairs administers COVID-19 vaccines in a repurposed dining area at the Durham, North Carolina VA medical center.
Jay Price / American Homefront

Congress has told the Department of Veterans Affairs to offer COVID-19 vaccines to some 24 million people who don't usually get their health care through the VA.

Chief Personnel Specialist Jennifer Johnston conducts an extremism stand down March 19 aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford. The Pentagon ordered all service branches to conduct the stand downs after the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.
Angel Thuy Jaskuloski / U.S. Navy

After the January 6 Capitol insurrection, the Pentagon ordered all service branches to discuss extremism with the troops. But observers say that's only a first step toward eliminating extremist behavior.

Amber Davila left the Army after she was sexually assaulted by a fellow soldier. A new study found  sexual assault doubles the odds that a service member will leave the military within 28 months.
Courtesy Amber Devila

The RAND Corporation study concluded that the cost of sexual assault and harassment extends beyond the victims. It's also causing troops to leave the service, hurting military readiness.

The first class of female recruits arrived at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego this winter, ending almost a hundred years when the boot camp accepted only men.
Steve Walsh / American Homefront

The Marines have the fewest number of women of any of the services. Though the Corps has now integrated its two boot camps, that's just one of several hurdles the Corps faces to fully embracing women.

Former servicemember Stephen Kennedy, pictured with his wife Catherine and four children, sued after he received an other-than-honorable discharge from the Army.
Courtesy Stephen Kennedy

If approved by a federal court, the legal settlement will force the Army to review the discharges of recent veterans with mental health issues.

A monument on the West Point campus states the military academy's honor code. More than 70 cadets were accused last year of cheating on an exam; most will be allowed to stay at West Point.
U.S. Military Academy

The scandal is the largest at West Point in 40 years, and it has raised questions about honor among the men and women who will become the Army's future leaders.

In a "Shark Tank" style event, 34 soldiers in the 18th Airborne Corps submitted proposals to improve the Army program that responds to sexual harassment and assault. The Corps has committed to implementing the concepts of seven finalists.
Marygian D. Barnes / U.S. Army

Army leaders concede that a program designed to eliminate sexual harassment and abuse has not achieved its goal. So the 18th Airborne Corps held a "Shark Tank" type event for soldiers to present ideas to fix it.

Romeo Pactores, Jr.'s 18 year military career is in jeopardy after a DUI that he said was prompted by service-related mental health issues.
Steve Walsh / American Homefront

The Marine Corps established Wounded Warrior Battalions to aid troops with the worst mental and physical injuries. But Marines in the battalions who are suicidal or suffer from PTSD can still be discharged for misconduct. 



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