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We're reporting on the lives of American military personnel and veterans

The face of the American military is changing. Far fewer people serve today compared with a generation ago, and the percentage of Americans with military experience has fallen by more than half since 1980.

Meanwhile, the profile of those who serve is vastly different than it once was. Today’s troops are more diverse and face new challenges, both while they’re in uniform and after they leave the service.

American Homefront is a major public media initiative that reports on the lives of military personnel, veterans, and their families. Our long-form stories chronicle the challenges and successes of the military and veteran communities.

Our journalists visit bases to detail how American troops are working and living. We meet military families and veterans to learn about the policy issues that affect their lives. We hold public officials and agencies accountable for fulfilling their obligations to Americans who serve. We visit places that other media often ignore, and we give voice to those who are seldom heard.

American Homefront serves as a major collaborator with NPR. Our reporters work closely with NPR’s National Security Desk to integrate our stories into national news magazines, bringing local perspectives and regional diversity to the network’s military coverage.

Our goal is to help bridge the divide between Americans who serve and those who don’t. We seek to build understanding and foster communication among service members, veterans, and Americans who never served in uniform.

Where to hear us

You can hear our reports on public radio and online. Our stories are broadcast on our partner stations:

  • North Carolina Public Radio – WUNC
  • KPBS – San Diego, California
  • Texas Public Radio – KSTX
  • WSHU – Connecticut and Long Island, New York
  • WHRO Public Media - Hampton Roads, Virginia

Many of our stories also are heard nationally on NPR’s Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Here and Now.

All of our work also is posted and archived on this website.

Get in touch

Our reporters are based in San Diego; San Antonio; Norfolk, Virginia; Long Island, N.Y.; and Durham, N.C.

You can reach us at americanhomefront@wunc.org.