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Still On the Streets: Some Cities Fall Short as Veteran Homelessness Deadline Nears

Shortly after Barack Obama became President in 2009, he announced an ambitious goal -- to end homelessness among military veterans by the end of 2015. Now, at the deadline, results are mixed.

In this series, the American Homefront Project reports from three cities around the country to learn why some communities have met the housing goal, while others have fallen far short:

  • Patricia Murphy reports from Seattle on a last-minute, late December effort in Seattle to house as many former service members as possible before the Dec. 31 deadline.
  • Jay Price reports from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where leaders collaborated with non-profit groups and lenders to achieve their goal of getting all of the local veterans off the streets. 
  • John Ismay reports from Los Angeles, the city with the greatest homeless population in America. While L.A. made some progress housing its veteran population, high housing costs are are significant obstacle to housing the rest.
Military and Veterans Affairs Reporter, North Carolina Public Radio - WUNC
Veterans and Military Issues Reporter