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Balancing The Risks of War Journalism With 'Getting The Story'

NPR photographer David Gilkey, right, and translator Zabihullah Tamanna were killed on assignment in southern Afghanistan.
Monika Evstatieva
NPR via AP

American Homefront's Jay Price remembers the NPR journalist killed in Afghanistan and talks about the risks of covering war.

NPR photojournalist David Gilkey was the second American journalist to die in the Afghanistan conflict. Gilkey and his Afghan translator, Zabihullah Tamanna, were killed  when their convoy came under attack in southern Afghanistan.

This week, the Newseum in Washington D.C. rededicated its memorial to the more than 2,000 journalists who have died while covering news. Reporters and photographers traveling to war-torn regions are constantly balancing the need for the story with the risk this journalism poses to their lives.

On WUNC's "The State of Things," host Frank Stasio talked with WUNC military reporter Jay Price about his time in Iraq and Afghanistan.